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Tackling the barriers to gender equality, (PDF).

Looking back at my recent journey to Lesotho. @cobyrne703.

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Tackling the barriers to gender equality. Lesotho faces a number of challenges in achieving equality between men and women.

The Welsh Government and Government of Lesotho have set out to increase gender equality in Lesotho. In 2014, a link was made between Chwarae Teg and FIDA ( Federation of Women Lawyers ) and we’re now working together to help women achieve and prosper in Lesotho.

“When women know their rights, they can take steps to claim their rights”

Photograph. Reportage. Day time. Side view of two Lesotho women sitting outside.

“Law allows for women to own property but it still is hard to happen… especially if it’s inheritance… inheritance issues are critical still”

Photograph. Reportage. Interior. Group of people from FIDA Lesotho watching Prime Minister's Inauguration on television.

“Women must believe in themselves and start new things. We can support other women to help them achieve”

Photograph. Reportage. Day time. Group of adults dancing.

“It has to start with our constitution… because women don’t have power to own land and become chiefs… where they could actually be responsible citizens of this country”

Photograph. Reportage. Day time. Isolated detached cottage.
Photograph. Reportage. Day time. Woman standing outside a building, looking directly at the camera.

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