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As a charity, since 1992 we’ve been working to help ensure that women in Wales can enter the workplace, develop their skills and build rewarding careers.

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2014 ~ Our Vision and Mission. Chwarae Teg's Agile Nation Project

Going forward, our Missions are helping us target our work. 2014 will also be remembered for the year that our highly successful flagship Agile Nation project was completed after 6 years of truly amazing work by ′Team Chwarae Teg′.


Photograph. Exterior. Chwarae Teg Agile Nation Project, a group of Ascent Participants proudly displaying their Institute of Leadership and Management certificates.

Celebrating our achievements

To deliver our vision we have developed 3 missions: working with women, employers, influencers & educators.

Chwarae Teg’s Agile Nation project has helped a total of 3,477 participants. £400,000 more into women’s pockets from taking up new jobs.

2,298 women have gained a qualification in Team Leading and Management. 349 women have progressed to more senior roles. 594 educators have received gender awareness training. We also commissioned 4 major pieces of research in order to strengthen our understanding of the issues affecting women’s progression in the workplace. CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!


2013 ~ A Woman's Place

Our most extensive piece of research in a decade. #1 — Women in the workforce. #2 — Gender equality in the workplace. #3 — Skills and progression at work. #4 - Balancing caring and working. #5 - Action on gender equality.


Press photograph. Exterior. Chwarae Teg's Chief Executive - Joy Kent.

Knowledge sharing

Amongst other successes across Chwarae Teg, 2013 will be remembered for the work by Dee, Natasha, Anne, Chrissy and Emma in creating one of the most extensive pieces of research undertaken by Chwarae Teg – A Woman’s Place.

2013 was an incredibly exciting year for us – in November we held our 21st Anniversary celebration. Jane Hutt AM joined our celebrations, and presented our Exemplar Employers Award to numerous employers.


2012 ~ 20th Anniversary

We couldn’t have wished for a more high profile way to start the year with our 20 th Anniversary Exhibition running in the National Waterfront Museum, Swansea until 4th June.

Press photograph. Interior. Ascent participants celebrating their newly gained leadership qualification.

A cutting edge future

Over 50 people attended the celebration event, including the winners of the Chwarae Teg’s Design Contest, Jane Hutt AM, Image Consultant Sue Smart, television presenter Sara Edwards, and starring Chwarae Teg’s one-and-only Jane Hartley, an Opera Singer of great renown.

See our super colourful 6-page brochure: Chwarae Teg: Coming of Age: Our Achievements 2012 – 2013.

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2011 ~ Recieved our second Working Families Award

Chwarae Teg's flagship Agile Nation project continued making a positive difference for 1642 women. At the same time, we were incredibly pleased to have won an award!


Photograph. Interior. Group sitting and chatting.

Working Families Award

Double success for Chwarae Teg at Working Families Award. At the Top Employers for Working Families Awards in London in October, organised by the charity Working Families, Chwarae Teg won the Best SME category and was included in the Top 10 Employers A-Z list.

Working Families Award: Chwarae Teg included in the Top 30 Employers for Working Families in the UK, together with international companies such as McDonalds, Barclays Bank and Sainsbury’s.


2010 ~ Womenspire, Solutions

Our International women's day celebrations. Special guests included Go Compare founder Hayley Parsons, Tessa Sanderson CBE.


Press photograph. Interior. Olympic gold medal winner Tessa Sanderson CBE, Hayley Parsons, Chief Executive of

Women Inspiring Women

In 2010 Chwarae Teg announced the launch of the Agile Nation Womenspire campaign, designed to get Welsh women talking about the things that inspire them in their everyday lives.

Speakers included Olympic gold medal winner Tessa Sanderson CBE, Bethan Jenkins AM and Hayley Parsons, Chief Executive of

Today we have @womenspire! Let’s connect.

Additionally, Chwarae Teg launched ‘Solutions’, a series of workshops, courses and training events for businesses.


2009 ~ Agile Nation project formally launched!

The Agile Nation project received special recognition at the BFIIN (British Female Inventor and Innovator) International Awards.


Launch event of the Chwarae Teg's Agile Nation Project. Featuring Jane Hutt AM and Sound of Music Star Connie Fisher.

“Agile” nature of the project

Agile Nation project formally launched by Jane Hutt AM and — Sound of Music — Star Connie Fisher at events in South and North Wales on 10 February. Three new Agile Nation project offices opened in Treforest, Colwyn Bay and Llanelli.

The high profile event demonstrated the agile nature of the project and its coverage across Wales.

Regional teams began the engagement of project participants under both the women’s and employer’s strands of the project. The South West and South East teams carried out successful local launches which were well attended.


2008 ~ Agile Nation project is approved

In 2008 Jane Hutt, Minister for Children, Education, Lifelong Learning & Skills and former Chwarae Teg project executive, announced the approval of the £12.5m Chwarae Teg Agile Nation project.


Press photograph. Interior. Emma Richards and Hayley Dunne, managers at Chwarae Teg standing in front of promotional banners.

European Social Fund & the Welsh Assembly Government

In 2008 Jane Hutt, Minister for Children, Education, Lifelong Learning & Skills and former Chwarae Teg project executive, announced the approval of the £12.5m Chwarae Teg Agile Nation project funded by the European Social Fund and the Welsh Assembly Government.

The formal announcement took place on 21 October at Cardiff Community Housing.

The Agile Nation project was designed to help over 2,700 women and 600 businesses to discover new ways of working.


1992 ~ Beginning at the beginning! Identifying the issues

In 1992, the first major survey of the role of women in the Welsh economy was conducted in South Wales. As a consequence of this research, the Chwarae Teg Initiative was formed with an action plan to expand the role of women in the Welsh economy. Jane Hutt was appointed as Project Executive and her duties commenced in June 1992.

Black and white photograph. Exterior. The original Chwarae Teg team, photo taken circa 1993.The original Team Chwarae Teg, 1992.

Chwarae Teg’s Projects page.