Policy and Research Team

We provide information that aims to ‘change thinking’ and influence decisions. We work with policy-makers, educators and the media, sharing our knowledge and expertise to support the development of policy that will help build a Wales where women achieve and prosper.

Natasha Davies
Policy and Research Lead

As Policy and Research Lead Tash is responsible for overseeing the delivery of all of our policy and research work, including engagement with the Welsh Government, National Assembly for Wales and the UK Parliament, managing research projects and securing new opportunities to influence change. Tash regularly produces policy papers and consultation responses and….

07837 284695

Eira Jepson
Policy and Communications Partner

Eira works closely with Tash and the rest of the team to ensure that we are developing evidence based-policy messages and maximising our ability to influence change through our communication channels. Eira leads on Chwarae Teg’s Soapbox events, which look to engage with women about the issues that matter most to them, produces policy papers and consultation responses and liaises with our Comms team develop methods of engagement.

07852 965 900

Dr. Hade Turkmen
Research Partner

As Research Partner, Hade both delivers and manages research projects. As well as supporting the team to develop evidence based policy messages, Hade has managed a number of research projects including our recent research into Modern Working Practices and Women in Housing. Hade works closely with Lucy to deliver Chwarae Teg’s Spotlight Research Hub and to explore new opportunities for research into the key issues facing women in Wales today.

07587 182519

Dr Lucy Knight
Research Partner

Similarly to Hade, Lucy deliver and manages research projects. As well as supporting the team to develop evidence based policy messages, Lucy has produced a number of reports including Working Women’s Journeys which analysed the interaction between commuting patterns and gender. As well as carrying out research, Lucy is an expert in gender lensing and has supported a number of businesses to address barriers to recruiting and retaining women.