Vision and Mission

To deliver our vision for 'A Wales where women achieve and prosper' we have developed three missions that help us target our work.

Mission 1: Working with women to broaden horizons and build confidence and skills.

This mission is delivered through the work we undertake directly with women.

Press photograph. Exterior. Chwarae Teg's Agile Nation Project participant with ILM qualification certificate.

Researching, designing & delivering projects

Since the beginning, Chwarae Teg has developed a reputation for projects that directly work with women to support and enhance their opportunities to progress at work.

Currently we are delivering our £12.5m European Social Fund and Welsh Government funded Agile Nation project.

The Agile Nation project has supported over 2,700 women, helping them to:

  • increase their confidence
  • progress into new roles
  • gain promotions to more senior roles


Mission 2: Working with employers to create modern workplaces that are successful by harnessing everyone’s contribution.

Many of the barriers women face in the progression of their careers are removed when employers successfully adopt a cutting edge approach to the way their organisations work. Of course male employees benefit too, as do employers so this really is a case where everyone’s a winner.

Press photograph. Chwarae Teg's Agile Nation Exemplar Employer Award winners. Two women with their award certificate.

New ways of working

In this mission we directly support employers to transform workplace cultures from being based on the old status and hierarchy developed through the industrial era to ones that are more appropriate for the 21st century with people trusted, valued and supported to contribute as much as possible to the success of the organisation.

Out-dated ways of working include strict hierarchy: The Boss & The Worker. By embracing new-ways of working – such as team work, mutual respect, adult-to-adult relationships, people and organisations flourish by sharing a common goal and purpose.

Modern day life has become demanding for all of us. Modern working practices includes allowing people to work at times & locations that best support their ability and circumstances. Employers should seriously consider creating modern workplaces that enable everyone to give of their best.


Mission 3: Working with influencers, educators and decision makers to build a society that values, supports and benefits women and men equally.

We enjoy good relations with a significant number of Decision Makers & Influencers from the word of politics, academia, the third sector and industry.

Press photograph. Exterior. Chwarae Teg's Chief Executive Joy Kent, and Ken Skates Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism. Both attending a Chwarae Teg Fair Foundations event celebrating a school's work towards creating a more equal learning environment.

Influencers, educators and decision makers

These relationships are of real value as they allow us to share our research and knowledge surrounding the issues that affect women.

Our team provides specialist gender advice and consultation responses to the Welsh Government along with working with the National Assembly for Wales in the development of policy.

We take part in the newly formed Cross Party Group on Women, and in addition to attending key conferences we organise events tackling issues that affect women.

To support this mission we are strengthening our policy and research work to help ensure that in today’s rapidly changing landscape we can provide more support, advice and guidance.