What we do

We support Welsh businesses. We plan and deliver highly successful projects. We influence policy. We undertake original research to strengthen our understanding of the issues affecting women's progression in the workplace. We support and take part in numerous Networks across Wales.

Support women directly

Women entering and progressing at work face a number of barriers that specifically hinder their career paths.

The work we undertake also fully supports the economic need in Wales to make full use of women’s skills.

With women making-up the majority of the population in Wales, and as a truly democratic society, this imbalance has to be redressed. Not just to be fair to women, but also to ensure that in our small country we develop and encourage the best talent, regardless of gender.


The work we do

So much of our work is because of the following barriers faced by women in Wales:

The role of women in society

A continued expectation that caring is primarily a woman’s role.

Women not in senior roles

The significant under-representation of women in senior roles.

Rigid workplace practices

Out of kilter with the demands of modern life.

The persistence of gender stereotypes

Preconceived ideas of the roles women and men should occupy in the workplace and within our society.

The gender pay gap

Our analysis of gender pay gaps shows that men’s gross hourly and annual median full time earnings are higher than women’s in all of the nine major occupational groups – regardless of whether the group as a whole is gender balanced or gender segregated.
* Occupational Mapping: Gender Segregation by industry, occupation and employment contract. Source: wavewales.co.uk/occupational-mapping.
* Source: ONS: Annual Population Survey in Alison Parken, Eva Pocher and Rhys Davies Working Patterns in Wales: Gender, Occupations and Pay, PDF Document.

To find out more about the 5-Key Issues that impact on women’s progression in the workplace, read our research — A Woman’s Place — Key findings from a study of women’s roles in the Welsh workforce.