All women shortlists as a means to reach parity.

Women continue to be significantly under-represented in politics at all levels. This is a known issue but progress to redress this is simply not happening quickly enough.

Our concern is that the need for increased female representation in politics is being side-lined  by discussion around the pros and cons of all women shortlists.

To counter this, and although we regret there is even a need for them,  we firmly support the introduction of all women shortlists as a means to reach parity.

It’s important to remember that we have essentially had all male shortlists for a long time and now need to achieve better, more truly democratic decision making.

All women shortlists have been shown to work and by adopting more widely we can assess the long term impact of such positive action on the gender balance of our elected representatives.

Achieving this balance within  our political institutions is fundamental to a more equal society and we believe that the adoption of all women shortlists is a positive measure that will help to achieve this.

In response to BBC News item: Cynon Valley Labour all-women shortlist row escalates.