Responding to the publication of the BBC’s annual pay report, Chwarae Teg Chief Executive, Cerys Furlong, said:

“While the BBC’s annual pay report may make difficult reading for many of us, given the gender pay differences it reveals, we hope that it will prove to be a vehicle that drives a wider debate about the issue.  It is Chwarae Teg’s hope that it will encourage more businesses and organisations to be transparent about their own gender pay gaps, and will allow them to start addressing the underlying causes.  We would hope that the BBC will now use this information to effect real change and move to tackle and remove any gender pay gaps that exist within the organisation.

“There are direct benefits to businesses in undertaking this work; understanding how to better utilise women’s skills and potential will enable employers to access the widest talent pool, plug skills gaps and ensure that their workforce better reflects their client base.

“A more diverse workplace brings with it many advantages, both to businesses and to our wider economy and society.”