News article by Jill Evans MEP.

May 9th is Europe day, when we celebrate our values, vision and diversity. As an MEP, I have been proud to work with Chwarae Teg and to promote their incredible and ground breaking work on gender equality in Wales.

I believe that Chwarae Teg embodies the true values of Europe – working together for equality and progress.

I am delighted that Chwarae Teg’s next project, Agile Nation 2, has received European and Welsh Government funding.

The European Union is beneficial for Wales in terms of business opportunities, jobs, research, innovation, and much more. Wales is far better off within the EU than outside.

I published a report in 2011 which showed that we receive about £40 per head of population more from the EU than we pay in. That is the sum for the nation as a whole, but in some areas it would be substantially more in reality.

The overall figure is likely to be higher than that today, and I have called on the Welsh Government to carry out a study on all the benefits to Wales of EU membership.

It is essential to have this information if we are to have an honest and meaningful debate on Wales’s future.

Thousands of Welsh students have benefitted from the Erasmus programme and the opportunity to study abroad, to travel, and to learn new languages.

If Welsh were to be granted official language status in the EU, many more job opportunities would be available to bilingual young people, as Welsh would then be counted as an additional language – which is needed to work in the European institutions.

Our universities have had invaluable support for research and innovation and have been able to develop in partnership with the European Investment Bank.

Our farmers and food producers have benefitted from winning ‘Geographical Indicators’ which denote high-quality and have enabled them to sell their produce more widely.

European legislation on the environment, food standards, waste and recycling, public procurement, water quality and transport have made Wales a better country in which to live and work.

Over 190,000 jobs in Wales depend on the EU and it is our biggest trading partner.

I want to unlock Wales’s potential as a modern, successful, prosperous, bilingual, and equal nation within the EU and will work with all sectors to ensure I can do everything possible to play a full part in building a better Wales in a better Europe.

Jill Evans MEP.


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