It’s official! At Chwarae Teg, where we work to build a Wales where women achieve and prosper, we unapologetically love men.

You may be thinking “How can that be? Surely it’s all about women at Chwarae Teg? Aren’t men the bad guys?”

The simple answer is “No” and for a number of very good reasons.

To help explain this we’ve decided to proudly declare our love of men and in particular those men who have and are actively supporting women in both a personal and professional capacity.

From conversations we have on a daily basis we know the idea of men supporting a charity that supports women is often misunderstood. At times people think that because we are working to help women we are a “women’s organisation” however this isn’t the case.

At Chwarae Teg our focus is to help women to broaden their horizons, to build confidence, to make the best use of their skills and to have truly rewarding chosen careers. We want this because it’s good for all of us and the economy.

To help achieve this we understand that many of the issues that prevent women from fully progressing are society issues and so it’s critically important for us to work with and to be supported by both women and men.

Put simply, for us to make positive change for women, we need to effect changes in legislation, in working practices and in people’s mindsets, all of which fundamentally involves support and action by everyone.

We also believe this to be a “real world” approach; after all, few if any women live in isolation from men. In fact it’s quite the reverse and where women and men share their lives together often they’ll be making joint decisions about their career progression and how to manage their work and personal commitments.

So we look to both women and men in politics, industry, academia and the media to support the work we do and to help ensure that together we can help to proactively ensure the progression of women in Wales.

Talking of men, from our experience we’ve found that:

  • Men care too
  • Men want to enjoy being fathers and play a full role in parenting their children
  • Men will also benefit from living in a Wales where people can choose career paths based on their skills as opposed to expectations based on gender
  • Men can be feminists too
  • Men have been and continue to be supportive of Chwarae Teg

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