Chwarae Teg's new website - introduction

21 / 03 / 2016

Read the news: Chwarae Teg’s new website.

Our commitment.

As part of our continual effort to use the most current trends in Web Communication Technologies for business and for our Vision and Mission; A Wales where women achieve and prosper, we’ve followed the lead of many well-known names from the world of online news – such as the new BBC website, and we’ve learned a great deal from other charities such as Oxfam and Charity Water.

What these examples have in common is how they provide a ‘Responsive‘ websites – meaning, and in general: a website that responds to different devices in terms of screen and device functionality whilst preserving ( and enhancing ) Accessibility, Usability and Legibility.

The ‘Responsive‘ method allows for one single website to be viewed effectively on Smartphones, Tablets or Desktop PC, and so removing the need for a separate website or app for each device.

During March and April 2015 we’ll be working continuously to improve in terms of content display ( text. graphical, photographic ) and functionality.

The aim will be for our new website ( ) to replace the current website ( ) before the 31st March 2015.

Welsh / Cymraeg?

The website will be fully bilingual by the 31st March 2015, including all News and Articles As a Welsh language charity, we are committed to providing a fully-bilingual website.

What’s the story?

As far back as 2002, the World Wide Web has always played an important part in the work we do. The last major update to Chwarae Teg’s website occurred in 2010. This was a major milestone. In fact, the website was completely redesigned with a completely new style and design.

The various technologies used to create and manage websites have changed considerably since 2010 – the main driving force behind these changes is the growth in mobile & smartphone technology, such as the iPad and iPhone.

The use of smartphones and tablets is expected to grow at a phenomenal rate over the next few years, with the majority of people eventually accessing websites using their mobile device as opposed to Desktop PC. Our new website is now more accessible on mobile devices.

Chwarae Teg vs. CTEG?

We believe that is a more accessible website URL, and is easier to remember. Do you agree? Tell us your thoughts on SurveyMonkey.

The same content?

Since 2009, we’ve published a considerable amount of information on our website – though most of it continues to be useful, we’ve decided not to include some rarely accessed content. Instead, we’ll focus on providing the most popular and relevant.

In due course, we’ll make sure that any broken links are forwarded to corresponding content on our new website. For unavailable content, we’ll forward web visitors to a generic webpage, through which we’ll provide an opportunity to request a PDF copy of any deleted content.

Have your say!

What do you think about our new website? How could we make it better? We welcome your honest feedback. Tell us your thoughts on SurveyMonkey.