Welsh gender equality charity launches campaign to showcase female role models

 Chwarae Teg wants to know which Welsh women have inspired you, the Welsh charity which inspires, leads and delivers gender equality is today (11th October) launching a social media campaign to raise the profile of female role models in Wales. 

The ‘Wonderful Welsh Women’ campaign, will profile a different woman from Wales each week, highlighting her achievements, and giving girls and young women across the nation role models to aspire to. 

The women featured will be from both history and the present day.  They will be scientists, athletes, actors, business people and humanitarians – the only criteria are that they must have an inspiring story and have achieved something remarkable. 

Chwarae Teg is asking people from across Wales to get in touch to tell them about the women in Wales who have inspired you, the charity’s chief executive, Cerys Furlong, said:

“Today is the International day of the girl, but all too often girls in Wales, and throughout the world, are only told about the achievements of male role models.  How can we expect girls to aspire to achieving their full potential if they are only ever told that men do so?

“We at Chwarae Teg want to change that. Every week we’ll be showcasing a Welsh woman who has achieved something remarkable, whether that be in science, sport, music, art, politics or elsewhere.  We want girls and young women in Wales to be able to see women that inspire them, to show them that they too can achieve whatever they put their mind to. 

“We’re inviting people to get involved in the campaign by telling us who has inspired them and why.  It could be a woman who lives down the street from them or it could be a world renowned figure.  The profiles of wonderful Welsh Women will be appearing across Chwarae Teg’s digital platforms on Instagram, twitter, facebook and our website. Was there a particular teacher at school who helped you to believe in yourself? Is there a woman in your community who has made a real difference and has inspired you to do the same? Or has seeing a famous athlete succeed inspired you to be the best you can be? If so, get in touch with us and let us know!

You can get in touch with Chwarae Teg on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to make your suggestions.