Chwarae Teg, WEN Wales, Welsh Women’s Aid and Women Connect First have issued a joint statement following the UK Government’s announcement that there will be a consultation on proposed reforms to the Gender Recognition Act (2004). You can read our full statement below:

Statement from Welsh Women’s Organisations in response to the Announcement by UK government to the Consultation on the reform of the Gender Recognition Act

1. Women’s Equality Network (WEN) Wales, Chwarae Teg, Women Connect First and Welsh Women’s Aid all welcome the opening of the consultation on the reform of the Gender Recognition Act. We recognise the need to reform the way trans people can change their birth certificates, to make it a more accessible and respectful process.

2. We support trans women: our organisations and our work are fully inclusive of trans women. In our recent joint Manifesto for Equality for Women and Girls, we called for greater recognition of the multiple forms of discrimination and abuse experienced by trans women as women. Women-only spaces should be open to all women, including trans women, and women’s safety, including trans women’s safety, within the criminal justice system, in services and in the community must be prioritised.

3. We abhor the bullying and transphobia that trans women face which has no place in our society. Trans people’s rights and women’s rights are human rights which intersect, and we stand united against all forms of misogyny and male violence.

4. We know that the struggles for equality for trans people extend beyond gender recognition. Our Manifesto contains priorities for a Wales where all women and girls are treated equally, which must include ensuring that trans women are better represented in public and political life, that trans people have improved access to healthcare here in Wales, and that trans people can access the specialised support they may need to recover from abuse. We also recognise that non-binary people and trans men can have experiences of misogyny and can face continuing oppressions that are based on misogyny. We believe that ending violence and discrimination against women is integral to achieving equality for all trans people.

5. We support the need for meaningful consultation on the proposed reforms with all affected groups, and these conversations will inform our responses to the consultation. We believe that discussion and debate should be carried out in a safe and respectful way. We will be taking part in consultation on the proposed reforms with women in Wales, including with trans women, and encourage women in Wales and our members to help inform our response.

Yng Gymraeg