Chwarae Teg, Wales’s leading gender equality charity, has announced that it will be paying tribute to Betty Campbell through its Wonderful Welsh Women campaign.  Betty Campbell, who was Wales’s first black headteacher, passed away at home last Friday.

Chwarae Teg launched the ‘Wonderful Welsh Women’ campaign last week.  The campaign aims to raise the profile of female role models in Wales by showcasing them across the charity’s digital media platforms.

Chwarae Teg Chief Executive, Cerys Furlong, said:

“Betty Campbell was a true inspiration, she defied convention and expectations to become Wales’s first black headteacher even though she had been told that her dream was impossible.  Mrs Campbell was a pioneer who worked hard to empower her students and her local community, and used her influence and position to campaign to improve rights.  She was a fierce and passionate advocate for her local community.

“We hope that our showcasing of her achievements in Chwarae Teg’s Wonderful Welsh Women campaign will be a fitting tribute to her and that her legacy will continue to inspire young women across Wales and encourage them to follow in her footsteps.”

Chwarae Teg’s Wonderful Welsh Women campaign aims to showcase Wales’s female role models in order to inspire the next generation of Welsh women.  Each week the charity will feature a profile of a different woman who has achieved something remarkable.  You can get involved by contacting Chwarae Teg through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

(Image source: BBC News Wales)