We have invited our 2016 Womenspire Award Winners to reflect on their success. Complete Background Screening won our ‘Employer of the Year Award’ last year and Rachel Bedgood, Complete Background Screening’ CEO tells the story…CBS - CEO portrait

Rachel Bedgood

Complete Background Screening CEO

When CBS were invited to attend the Womenspire Awards in 2016. It was the first time both myself and my employees had the exciting opportunity to attend an event together. It is very rare that all staff are given the opportunity to attend such an event and it was something I was personally very grateful for as it was an amazing team building and bonding experience. Coming from a company whose staff is made up entirely of women, it meant a lot to all of us to be in the same room together on the night, enabling us to share in the experience and recognition such an award brings.

CBS office

The venue made the night a truly special occasion, with the Music Hall providing an amazing experience and a great buzz. Sharing this location with so many other woman and businesses that empower women, personally gave me the feeling of being part of something bigger and greater than ourselves. It meant a lot to me as a woman, leader and business-owner to be able to share this atmosphere, recognition and sense of togetherness with all my colleagues and peers.

Why CBS won an award

It was an honour to be nominated for the Womenspire awards but to win and be recognised for the work that we do was a fantastic feeling. We all work exceptionally hard to provide a brilliant service for our clients, which has been highlighted in previous award wins. However, for me, it’s personally an honour to be recognised as the employer of the year as it demonstrated not just our business success, but the success of our employment strategy also.

This achievement is particularly important to me as much of our recruitment happens in the South Wales Valleys, with CBS working hard to regenerate the local area. Supporting the local economy and providing a great place to work is something I’m very passionate about and a culture I plan to maintain as CBS continues to grow.

I have the utmost confidence in CBS and its staff and believe that together we have created something special that, with great care and attention, will continue to sustain and grow the business in the future.

It did however come as something of a surprise that we won the award, mainly as we were competing against massive multi-billion pound companies with lots more resources and higher profiles, such as PricewaterhouseCoopers. This just goes to show how well CBS work and how much we punch above our weight; building on the good reputation we have established over the last 12 years.

Most of the awards we are put forward for require just a simple filling out of a form, but with Womenspire I felt it was a much more rewarding and involving opportunity that allowed me to tell my story and that of the company I founded. Due to this application process, I was able to show the panel the kind of commitment, passion and drive to support and nurture women in business myself and CBS have, which I felt contributed to our success.

What has happened since the awards

Following CBS’ success at the Womenspire Awards in 2016, the company has continued to thrive and has shown consistent growth month on month. I make it a point to involve all staff in the development and success of the company, sharing the rewards of our continued growth.

The night of the awards was an amazing night and a true celebration of all our achievements and how far we have come, but despite this success, we are not an organisation to rest on our laurels. The very next day it was business as usual at the CBS offices as we all got back to work to ensure that we offer the best background screening service available in the UK.

Rachel Bedgood – CEO: Complete Background Screening

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