Samantha Rosie tells us about some career highlights since winning the ‘Woman in the Creative Sector’ award at Womenspire 2017…

wwebsite-3Samantha Rosie, Executive Producer at BBC Studios



What did it feel like to win?

 To win a Womenspire award was amazing as no matter how long you have been working at your career an award like this can give you the encouragement you need to keep improving.  It is also an honour to be recognised and nominated by the women I work with.  I want to help them become the most creative and confident that they can be and shine brightly within the Television Industry not just in Wales, but beyond.

What has happened since the awards?

 Since I won the award I have been settling into my new role as an Executive Producer in the newly formed commercial arm of the BBC – BBC Studios.  My role is to develop and make content which will play in Wales and on the Network BBC as well as content for other broadcasters in the UK and worldwide markets.  The wwebsite-2division is called ‘Unscripted Productions’ and we have staff covering the bases of Cardiff, Bristol and Belfast making some of the most popular television shows on the BBC from Bargain Hunt, Crimewatch Roadshow, Gardeners World, Countryfile, Antiques Roadshow, DIY SOS as well as X-Ray and Weatherman Walking. In October last year we were recognised by BAFTA Cymru for the ‘The Greatest Gift’ series on organ donation and the change in the law in Wales.  Carrie Smith was the Producer – and the person who nominated me for the Womenspire Award! 

“Womenspire is a great way of celebrating the achievements of Women in different areas of industry in Wales.If you’re considering nominating someone then Just Do It! It’s great to assess the contribution they have made to the sector you work in, and they will thank you that recognition.”


To see why Samantha won last year’s Creative Sector award watch her Womenspire video >>>