A confidence boost, supportive learning environment and a formal qualification…

… just a few of the benefits of Agile Nation 2 shared with Derek Vaughan MEP by participants.

It was a great privilege to welcome Derek Vaughan to our Cardiff office so that he could discover how our European Social Fund & Welsh Government funded Agile Nation 2 Project has been helping women and businesses in Wales.

We listened intently as each participant explained the progress they’ve made in their careers since completing the course — which included news about promotions, greater responsibilities and pay rises.

They also shared their own experiences of Agile Nation 2. Greatest achievement?

Gaining a formal Institute of Leadership and Management qualification.

“What do you hope to gain?”

We were joined by Becky Smith – Marketing Manager at Nudjed, and employees from Target Finance – who’ve just completed the Women’s Programme.

We were also joined by Craig Davies-Edmunds, Whitchurch Rugby Club Cardiff – who are taking part in the Employer Programme.

The afternoon’s discussion began with an explanation of the Agile Nation 2 Project, detailing the benefits that small & medium-sized businesses in Wales gain from the support Chwarae Teg offers.

For businesses – Chwarae Teg’s support includes reviewing modern-working practices, and developing Equality & Diversity Strategies in order to encourage businesses to become more flexible & diverse, and thereby increasing productivity through an engaged workforce.

For women – in addition to leadership training, we provide ongoing one-to-one support, and a ‘Pick ‘n Mix’ training package that every participant can attend to further support their career progression.

Opportunities and aspirations.

During the discussion it became clear that participants share the same opinion about Chwarae Teg’s Agile Nation 2 Project

A great opportunity to learn more about our strengths, weaknesses and aspirations.

As well as the opportunity to meet other like-minded women who are at a similar stage in their career, and sharing our own experiences and advice.


— “The whole experience was a huge boost to my self-confidence, giving me the courage to achieve my goal of public speaking.

It’s also provided me with a wonderful network of supportive women working in a whole range of sectors across South Wales.

I’m confident that this network will continue to grow and strengthen as we all progress in the future.”

Craig Davies-Edmunds, General Manager, Whitchurch Rugby Club:

— “The support we are receiving from Agile Nation 2 during a time of growth and change is invaluable.

Our events and conferences are growing at a steady pace and our staff members are taking on more management responsibility.

Chwarae Teg is helping to ensure that we develop a culture that supports sustainable growth and develops our staff to their full potential.”

Derek Vaughan:

— “This Agile Nation 2 project will help build the careers of 2,207 women and help 500 businesses over the next three years.

The need for this is very real, and it was great to speak with people who’ve benefitted directly from this support.”

Trish Chalk, Agile Nation Project Lead:

— “We were very pleased to welcome Derek Vaughan to our office today to meet participants on the Agile Nation 2 project.

The first Agile Nation project helped nearly 3000 women and over 500 businesses.

We’re delighted to be continuing this work, to build a Wales where women achieve and prosper.”


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Derek Vaughan MEP is a Member of the European Parliament for Wales. He represents the interests of the country at a European level. He’s also responsible for monitoring the use of EU Funding in Wales.