As well as the wondrous, you often find a lot of the let’s say more…. interesting stuff when trawling through Twitter, but the other day we found a cause close to our hearts, and we’d like to help raise awareness to it throughout Wales!

Have you been the recipient of the new Jane Austen £10 note yet? If not, we’re asking you to donate your first £10 note to Welsh Women’s Aid – and if you’ve already received and spent one of the new £10 notes, then could you please donate the next one you receive to this deserved women’s charity?

This campaign was started by Caroline CriadoPerez, a notable feminist and author, who was a key figure in getting Jane Austen to feature on the new note. We’re adopting the principle, putting a slight Welsh twist on it, in a bid to spread the positive message and raise money for fellow women’s charities.

Don’t forget to take a picture of yourself with the new £10 note on Twitter, using the hashtag #Austenner, to help spread the word even further!

Donate here.