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New Research: Working Women’s Journeys, by Dr Lucy Knight. View and download »
New Research: A Woman’s Place in Housing, by Dr Hade Turkmen. View and download »

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A Woman’s Place in Lesotho. Tackling the barriers to gender equality ( April 2015 )
— Lesotho faces a number of challenges in achieving equality between men and women. The subordination of women is deeply ingrained in Basotho culture with the minor status for women only being removed within the last decade.

Whilst legislation has increased rights for women on paper, there is still a long way to go before this makes a difference to women on the ground.

Download the Research: PDF.

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A Womans Place ( September 2013 )
— This study has helped to identify the factors that are currently impacting women’s ability to enter into, remain in and progress in the workplace.

The findings offer Chwarae Teg along with government, industry and academia the opportunity to review current practices, develop policy and consider legislation to challenge these barriers in order to bring about continual positive progression for women in the Welsh economy.

Download the Summary Report: PDF.

Full Report: PDF.

Ministerial Address by Huw Lewis, Minister for Education and Skills*: PDF.

A Woman’s Place in Academia: Moving Forward ( November 2014 )
— We know that gender balance is good for business. It allows institutions to benefit from a wider range of knowledge and experience and brings a different perspective to the table.

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A Woman’s Place in Academia ( September 2014 )
— A Woman’s Place in Academia indexes, by institution, the representation of women in governance and executive roles in eight universities and fifteen further education colleges.

Download: PDF.

Pressures, Promotions, Pay-rises and Parity ( September 2014 )
— A study exploring the barriers to women’s confidence and progression in the workplace. This research sought to establish the extent to which a lack of confidence – amongst other factors – discourages and/or prevents women from seeking promotion at work.

Download: PDF.

Job Sharing in Senior Roles ( May 2014 )
— In March 2014 Arad Research was commissioned by Chwarae Teg to conduct research into the benefits, barriers and success factors surrounding the implementation of job sharing in senior roles for businesses in Wales.

What highly-qualified women in the workplace seem to need is a way of working that would simultaneously allow them to reduce hours and allow their employers to reap the full benefits of having a full-time employee.

Download: PDF.

Barriers to modern working practices for business in Wales ( March 2014 )
— Lack of appropriate modern working practices has been shown to be an important barrier to women’s career progression in Wales.

Understanding of the term — Modern Working Practices — ( MWP ), the range of responses provided suggest that many employers are unclear as to what the term refers to.

Download: PDF.