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We work closely with the government, academics and industry. We produce regular briefings to draw attention to the issues affecting women's role in the Welsh workforce.

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Featured Briefing Papers:

What does the 2015 Autumn Statement mean for women in Wales?
( Dec 2015 )

On the 25 November 2015, the Chancellor George Osborne outlined the UK Government’s spending plans. A number of the announcements could impact on women differently to men. We have outlined which announcements might impact more heavily on women than men
— Key areas of note are planned changes to the welfare system, further changes to public sector employment and additional free childcare for England.

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Women and Welfare Reform ( November 2014 )

This paper outlines how welfare reform to-date has disproportionately impacted women and how it will continue to do so
— Due to their position in the labour market and in the home, women are more reliant on social security benefits and are more likely to need the ‘safety net‘ of benefits.

As a result women have been disproportionately impacted by welfare reform and look set to continue to pay a heavier price than men.

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Gender Pay Gap. ( November 2015 )
— This paper outlines the causes of the gender pay gap and the action needed to close it.

Despite some progress the gender pay gap still persists and is particularly marked for older women.

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Welsh Government Draft Budget 2015-16. ( November 2014 )
— As the National Assembly prepare to debate the Welsh Government Draft Budget for 2015-16 this paper outlines the potential gender impacts of some of the spending decisions and highlights areas where greater impact assessment might be required.

We have particular concerns about the potential impact on women of the cuts being made to Local Government due to women’s dominance in public sector jobs and their higher reliance on public services.

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Women Carers ( June 2014 )
— Women continue to be seen as carers first and earners second while men continue to be seen as earners first and carers second. This perception continues to have a detrimental effect on the progression of women in the workplace and prevents many women from reaching their full potential.

Caring pressures continue to prevent women from reaching their full potential and limit the role that women can play in the Welsh economy by trapping them in lower paid, part time jobs.

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