Modern workplaces can contribute to the reduction of gender pay gap.

Chartered Management Institute: ‘Women managers in Wales are effectively working for free for nearly an hour every day’.

A new annual survey of more than 72,000 professionals across UK reveals that women managers in Wales are paid 13% less that men, equal to £3,188.

Joy Kent, Chwarae Teg CEO, speaking on BBC Wales News:

“What we promote at Chwarae Teg is a much-more modern idea around what the workplace should be like. It’s one piece of the jigsaw.

We need to be much more proactive in promoting the kind of workplaces that can enable people to care and work. Workplaces need a modern outlook if the pay gap between men and women is to be closed.

A man or a woman should not have to make that choice about giving up on their career as soon as they become a parent.”

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