Implementing equality and diversity practices has become important in all workplaces, but what does this mean for businesses in the private sector?

Here at Chwarae Teg we are currently working on our new £10.2 million European Social Fund and Welsh Government funded Agile Nation 2 project, which focuses on the advancement of women in the workplace, tackling issues such as the gender pay-gap and encouraging female career advancement.

We are working together with private sector businesses to increase awareness on these issues and collaborating to develop policies which work towards gender equality.

So what benefits can an inclusive workforce bring to the private sector?

It is evident that women offer an alternative perspective – having different ways of thinking and approaching tasks.

However, this can be used to their advantage. Conformity in decision making is often an issue, but by having a diverse range of viewpoints, creativity and innovation is encouraged, leading to better problem solving and decision making.

Businesses also benefit from a wider skills pool. Diversity brings more skills and knowledge, giving greater insight which can be used to improve productivity and business performance.

Agile Nation 2 is unique in supporting the 9 priority sectors of the Welsh economy, with a particular emphasis on the STEM subjects in which women are especially under-represented.

By working with businesses in this sector to encourage more women to get involved in stereotypically male sectors, a more balanced and representative workforce can be developed.

Equality is necessary as women make up 50% population.

Therefore they need to be represented in the workforce to be able to meet the needs of female clients and customers.

If think you or your business would benefit from taking part in Agile Nation 2, follow this link to register your interest and keep up-to-date with all the latest developments.


Written by Olivia Brett, International Business undergraduate from Loughborough University.

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