Celebrating Europe Day 2015. A little bit of Europe at Chwarae Teg, in Wales.

By Lena Kloster, Chwarae Teg’s Leonardo da Vinci programme intern with the Policy Team.

Thanks to Leonardo da Vinci programme, which is a European programme for graduates all across Europe, I have had the opportunity to experience life in another country in order to strengthen my linguistic, professional and intercultural abilities.

As a German graduate from Berlin I was given the chance to get to know another place in Europe – Wales and live in its capital city – Cardiff.

This city in Wales is also known for the huge Millennium Stadium, friendly people and beautiful landscape around it. I have been here for a few months now and really trying to embrace the Welsh culture.

The maritime weather and bilingualism strongly define the Welsh capital with its wonderful castle. This medieval construction stands on the hill and watches over the old city of Caerdydd and is surrounded by the wonderful Bute Park.

A team of interesting, intelligent, creative, open-minded and hilarious people at Chwarae Teg welcomed me into their office at Anchor Court, Cardiff, and involved me in their work focusing on gender equality in Wales.

A Wales, where “women achieve and prosper” is the outstanding vision of the organisation. Events are informative and interesting, training-sessions are well-organised and interactive and working hours are flexible and encouraging.

Working on the — Expert Witness Training Session — in cooperation with the Welsh Assembly has been an excellent professional experience, including the advertisement, the pre-selection process and the realisation of the event itself.

Nach dem Spiel is vor dem Spiel says the old German proverb – after every ending is a new beginning.

For Chwarae Teg this will mean further projects, in the fight for gender equality and for me, enjoying my remaining time here in wonderful Wales!