I certainly hit the ground running!

Recently I attended the the EU Open Days event. It was great meeting so many like-minded people who were keen to share their ideas throughout Europe.

Half an hour after arriving in the centre of Brussels, I met with our Finnish friends from Lahti University to discuss how our work overlaps and how we can further support one another.

They have run some fantastic projects and are looking to build on this including their inspirational Entre Akatemia Project which brought together academics, entrepreneurs and various other people in the community to solve common problems.

In the afternoon, I met up with Derek Vaughan MEP (Labour) to promote the new Agile Nation 2 project and to see how gender equality in employment is supported by the EU.

It was a great chance to see the EU Parliament building, to ask questions and to see how we can support the work of Welsh MEPs.

The WLGA group that I caught up with on the second day were also very helpful and supportive of the work of Chwarae Teg.

A big thank you to the Helsinki Office in Brussels for inviting me to attend their networking session and learn about new initiatives in Finland. It was a welcome break from the workshops and interesting to hear different perspectives.

The following days I attended various workshops to strengthen Chwarae Teg’s transnational work and to ensure we are working in the most effective way and measuring the valuable impacts that this work has.

The workshops were dotted around Brussels and a challenge to find but the Open Days staff were very helpful as were all the locals that gave me directions when I was looking a bit lost.

If you are interested in how the EU works and would like to learn more about potential funding available for transnational work, I would recommend going to next year’s open days.

It is free to attend and organised thematically so you are guaranteed to meet people from across Europe working on similar themes to you.

I firmly believe that just sharing thoughts with people outside of your own country every now and again is good for the soul and a great reminder that we share common issues across Europe and stand a better chance to overcome them if we work together.


Written by Amy Kordiak, @AmyKordiak.