Fair Treatment for the Women of Wales have launched the campaign #NotJustHotFlushes, for more information to be widely available to women going through menopausal changes.

We fully support this campaign and our Chief Executive, Cerys Furlong said;

“As the charity that works to empower women in the Welsh economy, Chwarae Teg supports this important campaign by Fair Treatment of Women in Wales (FTWW). As their campaign highlights, menopausal symptoms can have serious impacts on a woman’s work life if she is unable to access adequate services and support. No woman should feel that she has to give up her job or career because she is experiencing the menopause and Chwarae Teg wants to see employers taking action to support them. Workplaces need to become more confident in discussing the menopause and other women’s health issues, rather than treating them as taboo issues. Measures like flexible or home working, providing training and awareness raising for staff and changes to workplace culture and performance management processes can all make a big difference and enable women to continue in work. Chwarae Teg works with employers to help them implement modern, more flexible working practices and help all their workers to play a full role in the workplace.”

Read more about the campaign here and sign the petition to Welsh Government and show your support.