Gender Equality must be seen as a key driver for economic success – that was the message today from Wales’s leading gender equality charity Chwarae Teg in response to the publication of ‘Time for Change: A new vision for the British Economy, a report by the IPPR.

Chwarae Teg Chief Executive, Cerys Furlong, said:

“IPPR’s proposals for a just economy are further evidence that supports our calls for a change in our economic approach that takes better account of inequality. We know that traditional economic approaches have not always delivered fairly for men and women. While it is increasingly accepted that steps to address gender inequality can drive economic growth, action to drive economic growth will not necessarily deliver equality.

“With the new economic strategy due to be published by the Welsh Government, now is the time to ensure that Wales takes a new approach to economic development. One that is based on a foundation of quality work for all and recognises that tackling gender inequality and improving economic growth are mutually supportive. The Welsh Government’s economic strategy must not only ensure that economic decisions and priorities benefit women and men equally but also approach gender equality as a driver of economic growth.

“Unless gender equality is viewed as an economic priority, women’s skills and potential will continue to be under-utilised hindering Wales’ chances of economic success.”