In February 2018 the First Minster set out his vision for a feminist Welsh Government and to make Wales a world leader in gender equality. To make this vision a reality he announced a Gender Equality Review (GER) which would look at what we currently do well, what we could improve and what we can learn from other governments around the world.

The first phase of this review took place between April and June 2018 and the report is available here.

Phase One of the Review concluded that Wales lacks a shared vision for gender equality. Without this vision, action to address inequality can be fragmented and incoherent.

The Phase One report recommended that a shared vision and language for gender equality should be developed. This vision and language, as with all work undertaken as part of the Gender Equality Review, should be intersectional and inclusive, meaning it recognises the need to deliver equality for women from all backgrounds including disabled women, BAME women, refugee and asylum seeking women, LGBT+ women, older women and women from deprived areas.

It’s vital that stakeholder’s views inform the development of this vision and this consultation seeks to collect views on what a vision for gender equality should articulate and what measures would most effectively track progress.

The consultation will run until the 2nd November 2018. The Gender Equality Review Steering Group will be considering early responses at the inaugural meeting on the 8th October, so stakeholders may wish to submit responses by the 21st September.

Stakeholders are welcome to submit written responses to if that is preferred to completing the survey here.