Championing the issue of the Gender Pay Gap in Wales.

It’s widely recognised that Chwarae Teg is working on this issue in Wales, but it’s high-time we started shouting from the rooftops about the work we’ve also been doing overseas!

In the background, we’ve been very busy creating transnational partnerships with other countries that are also working to address the Gender Pay Gap.

The Train the Gap Erasmus+ Programme is a partnership between 5 organisations in four countries namely; Spain, Sweden, Lithuania and Ireland.

The focus of the programme is to support women in rural areas to hone their entrepreneurship skills.

Chwarae Teg is backing this programme as a silent partner, using its expertise to work behind the scenes to assist with the development of questionnaires and materials. In the future we’ll also be involved in the evaluation & dissemination of the programme and helping to spread-the-word in Wales.

For further information, visit:

And while we’re on the subject, Chwarae Teg has been building its transnational networks through attendance at key events in Europe but also through the Gender Pay Watchers’ network, hosted by some of our other European friends.

The EU Network Gender Wage Watchers consists of experts on the gender pay gap and organisations who want to work on eliminating the gender pay gap in their home country and learn from their European neighbours.

Focus for Wales.

Chwarae Teg joined this network to share the key areas of focus for Wales and best practice initiatives.

The network is part of the Gender Pay Gap Project, co-funded by the PROGRESS Programme of the European Union.

The countries that have full membership in this project are: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, Germany and Spain.

To find out more about these initiatives, visit: On this site, you’ll also be able to read country fact-sheets for several European countries on the work they’re doing to eliminate the Gender Pay Gap.


Projects – Transnational. Sharing experiences, best practice and research with overseas partners has always been a priority area for Chwarae Teg and its projects.

News: Gender Summit 2015, Berlin.

If you are aware of an organisation in another country that you think Chwarae Teg should get in touch with, feel free to contact