It’s election time again!

In just over a week, we all have another opportunity to cast a vote and have our say on who represents us in Parliament.

As we approach the centenary of women winning the right to vote, it’s highly important that we all exercise that right.

While Brexit hs been dominating many of the debates, it’s important to remember that this general election is about more than just EU negotiations.

MPs make decisions about so many issues affecting our day-to-day lives and these issues must not be ignored.

Here are some of the key issues we think need to be considered in order to improve the lives of women and advance gender equality.


#1 Deliver a gender balanced parliament.

#2 Ensure welfare reform stops hitting women hardest

#3 Support parents to share work and care

#4 Ensure everyone can access flexible employment

#5 Make sure women in Wales don’t pay a higher price for Brexit


Read more about all of these, and how they can be achieved in ‘Women Represented’ our General Election manifesto.

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And don’t forget to use your vote on June 8!





Make your voice heard!

1. Download printable versions of the pledge cards here, or save the pictures above.

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