Recently, we had 3 fantastic days of HIVE events held in North, South and West Wales.

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This is a quick glance at the March events featuring Dr Paul Thomas.

Hive, the community for modern working.

Hive returned in March, bringing together employers from across the sectors in Wales, to explore modern working practices that are more appropriate for 21st Century working and help remove the barriers that hold women back from progressing in the workplace.

Partnering up with CMI Cymru we delivered 3 events across Wales, presenting findings from Chwarae Teg’s recent study exploring the barriers to women’s confidence and progression in the workplace ‘Pressures, Promotions, Pay-rises and Parity’.

“Although the majority of UK Higher Education graduates are female and women make up over 48% of the workforce in Wales, research in 2013 from the Institute of Leadership and Management ( ILM ) found that almost three quarters of women felt that there were gender barriers preventing them from reaching the highest tier of management. One of the key barriers identified was workplace confidence.” Pressures, Promotions, Pay-rises and Parity.



We were also joined by Dr Paul Thomas, DNA Definitive.

CMI Cymru Chair, and BBC’s Business Doctor helping us to understand how natural, human systems operate through ‘Simplexity and Empowering the Frontline’.

“Simplexity™ is a simple architecture for seeing and understanding how natural, human systems operate. This view of Complexity-made-Simple helps ‘managers’ to understand that the behaviour of the people within impact the design and direction of the whole organisation not the procedures, policies or strategies.”



Employment Law Update.

With the arrival of Shared Parental Leave on 5th April 2015 Acuity Legal and Allington Hughes Law took us through the legal requirements, rights and entitlements and the benefits of new legislation.

“Shared Parental Leave is designed to give parents more flexibility in how to share the care of their child in the first year following birth or adoption. Parents will be able to share a pot of leave, and can decide to be off work at the same time and/or take it in turns to have periods of leave to look after the child.” ~ Acas

Download: Shared Parental Leave: a good practice guide for employers and employees ( PDF ):


Leadership, purpose, trust . . .


Institute of Leadership & Management, ( 2013 ), Ambition and gender at work, available at: