Becky Smith explains why she joined the Agile Nation 2 Programme …

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— The programme itself was delivered in such a fun, interactive way that it barely felt like learning.

Everyone had plenty of chances to have their voice heard, and there were opportunities to explore issues and problems that we might encounter during our careers.

I think the format really encouraged us to get to know each other, and I formed good friendships with many of the other participants.

They were able to give me advice when I was struggling with problems in my own workplace, and I was able to share my experiences to help them – it’s rare in a business setting to encounter such honesty and genuine care.

I would recommend Agile Nation 2 to any woman who is feeling a bit lost or unsure of the next step in her career.

The whole experience was a huge boost to my self-confidence, giving me the courage to achieve my goal of public speaking – I presented an Ignite Cardiff talk on the week after completing my course.

It’s also provided me with a wonderful network of supportive women working in a whole range of sectors across South Wales, and I’m confident that this network will continue to grow and strengthen as we all progress in the future.

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