Welcoming Chwarae Teg’s new Supporter – ICE Wales.

We met up with Keith Jones – Director of Institution of Civil Engineers Wales, to learn more about ICE’s history and the work they’re currently doing to promote female engineers within the industry.

The Institution of Civil Engineers is one of the world’s leading civil engineering institutions and has been around for almost 200 years, supporting over 91,000 members across the world.

They support and represent more than 3,600 civil engineers working and living in Wales.

It aims to influence public infrastructure policy, promote the civil engineering profession and provide support, training and networking opportunities for ICE members.

Keith Jones – Director, ICE Wales Cymru:

— “There is an under-representation of female engineers within the industry, we have stagnated at a 10% female representation rate for a number of years, not just in Wales but in the UK and are working to address the gender imbalance.”

The Institution of Civil Engineers, particularity here in Wales, is a very strong supporter of Chwarae Teg. We need to change the gender imbalance as I see it.

Taking positive steps.

ICE Wales Cymru is taking positive steps to address this gender imbalance and have a very positive diversity action plan.

— “With women making up fifty one percent of the population in Wales, we need to ensure we are making the most of women’s skills to help our economy grow and not limit ourselves to a proportion of the talent here in Wales.”

Increasingly, what we need to be doing is promoting this, to need to make sure that teachers and parents know about these exciting opportunities.

— “ICE has very strong policies in relation to diversity. We need to be doing more to promote our diversity action plan.

This plan has specific targets. We need to make sure that everybody out there knows how exciting a career it is. We plan and manage the whole fabric of society.

Civil Engineering is a very rich and rewarding career for all. Whether you’re project managers, designing or dealing with environmental issues.”


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