Constant change is part of our lives but when change happens in our working-life it can be even more stressful and traumatic.

It’s not just the financial stress of being out of work but your whole life changes, you lose your identity, your purpose and you miss out on the social elements of being in work.

Article by Mair Rowlands, Project Co-ordinator.

According to the 2009 survey Challenge of Change by Executives Online, over half of those surveyed said companies managed change either “fairly poorly” or “quite poorly,” but that suggests that almost fifty percent were managing change reasonably well.

The truth is, no matter how well companies manage that change it doesn’t always make a difference to how we personally manage it.

Change is about moving people out of their comfort zone and that can be a terrifying ordeal to some people.

To know that you are at risk of losing your job is naturally stressful and very few of would be confident enough to think another job is guaranteed so emotions run high.

My son once told me that if he got an interview then he was confident he would get the job and to be fair has proved the point on several occasions but he is young and confident.

I would like to say he gets his confidence from me but I’d be lying as to me the thought of having to be interviewed for another job is more frightening than the thought of losing my job.

During a training session on managing change a trainer once told us that staff may cry and that we should allow them to do so but only once!

Having recently been part of a restructure myself I can’t fault the way it was handled and the support I received was superb but I was a wreck and if I’m honest I cried more than once.

So, how do we manage change?

We all manage things differently but the one thing to realise is that although it is frightening change can be good. In our lives we have to keep moving and changing to develop new skills and face exciting new challenges.

So, next time there is a restructure in my working life I will remember this and embrace the change, probably not before a few tears though but that’s just me.