“Work with me for 6-9 months and I will bring you value and support your people agenda”

Vicky has over 18 years’ worth of knowledge and experience as a HR generalist, working for multi-national companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Siemens as well as a not-for-profit organisation, which linked education and business, especially to support the STEM agenda.


What attracted you to working for Chwarae Teg?

I wanted to move into a more consultancy type role and support lots of businesses who don’t have HR functionality in-house. I bring my experiences from different sectors, and knew I would be able to add value to SME’s across North Wales.

What do you like most about working for Chwarae Teg and your role?

I really believe in the programme that we deliver. It all starts with taking an analytical view of the business, to understand how employees really feel about working there – it is such an exciting opportunity for a business to change their culture by ensuring they manage individual performance, their recruitment practices, or simply refine an existing policy that needs updating.

As a HR Professional, I believe that businesses need to fully embrace learning & development as a continuous cycle, one that never ends. I keep my CPD up to date by attending employment law updates, attending webinars and of course, I take full advantage of being a member of the CIPD.

What do you love most about your role?

Being able to provide practical advice to businesses, to add value to their business by developing and supporting the people agenda is why I get out of bed in the mornings. That and looking after my beautiful horse Bess.

What do you find to be the most pressing issue when working with businesses in North Wales?

Finding and keeping the right staff can be a particular challenge for North Wales employers. Training managers to be effective is so important, and I provide guidance on how to manage people so that they are engaged and productive.

With tourism being a major employer in North Wales, it is challenging to recruit and retain employees, with the nature of employment mainly being zero hours contracts and little benefits. Through Agile Nation2 I can work with businesses to give them the competitive advantage as an employer – I previously helped Siemens Healthcare to double in headcount, and I set up Giant Hospitality’s HR function and took their headcount from zero to 80 employees in 6 months.