In 2011 Michelle Bartleet-Greavey was made redundant from a corporate role in the recruitment industry, a job she had loved for 25 years.

She saw it as an opportunity to make some long overdue changes in her professional life and realise a long-held dream of being self-employed.

Around that time a friend invited her to a mystic night where the fortune teller told her she saw her surrounded by pin cushions, needles and chairs. She was going to be an upholstress.

Over the next few days the idea started to sink in and feel right so she took a risk and two weeks later I started 18 months of training with the Association of Master Upholsterers.

The first time she picked up a tack hammer she knew…this was the job for her!!

One year in she set up her own business; North Wales Upholstery. It was during a tea break from a particularly challenging chair that Michelle was looking at the sheep in the fields surrounding her workshop and mused ‘they look like little footstools’.

She spent several months developing the idea and ensuring that every detail of the product was high quality. She started selling Baa Stools at local artisan markets and county shows and they quickly developed a following. She noticed that the sheepskin cover upholstered on the footstools made people stop in their tracks, look closer…then, inevitably, smile. This quickly became the overall aim of every new design… to make people smile when they walk into a room.

Baa Stool Ltd now produces a large range of furniture and accessories using British Sheepskin, employs 7 people, has over 200 stockists throughout the UK and exports to Europe and the US. We even have a stockist in Kazakhstan!