HIVE - the community for modern work practices - will run a series of FREE annual events across Wales!

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Emma Tamplin ( Collaboration Partner ) manages and delivers many of Chwarae Teg’s Networks, including Hive — If you’d like to chat about any of Chwarae Teg’s Networks, feel free to get in touch.

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Hive is the community for modern working

A place to share knowledge, connect and network.

Hive will bring together employers from different sectors across Wales to share best practice and learn from each other, much like the innovative bee, who will go exploring to find nectar before returning to share with the Hive.

Our Networks are integral to the way we work, helping to share information and good practice whilst also learning ourselves.


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Can a more positive, engaged and trusting workplace also be a more productive and successful one?

The last 30 years of scientific research suggests they can and gives us clues as to how we might create such workplaces.

We explored how increased positivity at work can create greater productivity, well-being and engagement at work.

Positivity leads in turn to higher levels of motivation.

Although science has discovered the main factors in motivation many organisations are still not making the most of these techniques.


Using the research backed up with practical examples we see that there are 3 key factors in creating enduring motivation:

  • Clarity of purpose that every decision is aligned with.
  • Mastery, working to become ever more skilled at what we do.
  • Control, giving back control over meaningful decisions at work.

For these 3 factors to create a truly flourishing workplace they must be underpinned by one final factor, trust.

The aim of this workshop was to give you many proven practical ideas you can take away and use immediately in your workplace.

We had the opportunity to experience the techniques for ourselves through a range of practical exercises along with the chance to measure a current level of trust.


The world of work is changing around us.

Hive will explore a wide variety of modern working practices that will help transform workplace cultures that are more appropriate for the 21st century with people trusted, valued and supported to contribute as much as possible to the success of the organisation.

Hive will run a series of FREE annual events across Wales and will also produce a quarterly newsletter, keeping you all up to date on today’s modern working practices.


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