We’re over a week into 2018 now, and, quite predictably, the usual New Year clichés are already starting to wear thin…

Fad diets, gym memberships, promises to read more books and experience new things whilst still saving money are all worthy pursuits, but we want to present to you something altogether more worthwhile.

We want to work with you to improve your confidence, increase your pay, and to significantly enhance your job prospects and satisfaction. That’s it; no treadmills, no counting your syns, just a very obtainable route to bettering your career progressions and finances.

We’re not saying there will be no hard-graft involved, the best part of achievement is the sweat along the way that makes the end goal that much sweeter. We’re also not looking to create to a ‘new you’ for 2018, you’ve got this far already and that in itself is a triumph. What we’re looking to create is a ‘better you’!


After doing a quick search of the most common resolutions, it’s revealing that many of these can be achieved, or at least bolstered, by taking part in our Career Development Programme – fully funded by the European Social Fund and Welsh Government as part of the Agile Nation 2 project so no cost to you.

And as for the other resolutions, we hope you achieve them too! We’d just like you to achieve them while feeling more confident in yourself and with a greater chance of reaching your true career potential – surely that’s only going to help anyway, right?

So, take 2018 by the scruff of the neck and learn more about our Women’s Programme HERE – our programme.