These spending plans are likely to affect men and women differently.

On the 25th November the Chancellor George Osborne outlined the UK Government’s spending plans in the Autumn Statement.

Some of the announcements made in this Statement will likely benefit women including confirmation of an increase in free childcare in England and greater financial support for part time higher education students.

On the other hand, some announcements could negatively affect women to a greater extent than men such as the planned changes to the welfare system and public sector employment.

To highlight how the Autumn Statement might affect women in Wales we have produced a briefing paper that looks at the announcements in more detail. You can read it here:

Briefing Paper (PDF): The Autumn Statement 2015.

On Our Radar.

As part of our work to build a Wales where women achieve and prosper, our policy team look to work closely with politicians and decision makers in Wales and beyond.

Our aim is to ensure that policies and decisions benefit men and women equally, and that the barriers affecting women are tackled effectively.

Through On Our Radar, we’ll keep you updated with the most recent policies and topics that we’re looking at, and give you a chance to help us build a Wales that benefits men and women equally.


By Natasha Davies, @daviesna2.