Welcoming Chwarae Teg’s new Supporter – The Open University Wales.

We met-up with Michelle Matheron, The OU in Wales Policy & Public Affairs Manager, to learn more about how The OU’s OpenLearn Platform is helping women step into higher education, and how we’ll be working together towards a future where women achieve and prosper.

One of the ways we’ve been working with Chwarae Teg is in North Wales with the OpenLearn Champions Project.

We’re really keen to ensure that women across Wales are able to access flexible part-time education and we know that Chwarae Teg will be a key organization for us to work with in order to deliver on that goal.

We’re really keen to work with Chwarae Teg to enhance the support available for part-time students. The Open University in Wales is fully-committed to gender equality.

Michelle Matheron, The OU’s Policy & Public Affairs Manager. @MicheyMathers.

It’s really important that flexible learning opportunities are available to ensure that women can enhance their skills and career prospects, and either get back into the labour market or up-skill and access new job opportunities.

We want to enable anyone who wants to study part-time to be able to do so to enhance their career opportunities and skills and to give them a little bit more confidence.

We think Chwarae Teg will be an important partner for us to work with in making that ambition a reality.


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