Our research, consultation responses and briefing papers. We provide information that aims to ‘change thinking’ and influence decisions. We work with policy-makers, educators and the media, sharing our knowledge and expertise to support the development of policy.

Reportage photograph. Interior. Woman addressing the panel at the 2014 Parliament Week, Westminster, London.

Decision making

Women remain dramatically under-represented in positions that influence our culture and institutions. We firmly support the introduction of all women shortlists as a means to reach parity. Article: All Women Shortlists, How to give evidence to an Assembly committee (5 part guide).

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Education and Skills

It’s vital that work is done to help broaden girls’ horizons so that they can reach their full potential and have access to a wider variety of career options. Briefings and consultation responses we’ve written on this topic: Response to the STEM Inquiry, inquiry into apprenticeships in Wales.

Reportage photograph. Interior. Woman in discussion with a colleague at recent Chwarae Teg event.


Lack of appropriate modern working practices has been shown to be an important barrier to women’s career progression in Wales. Reports: Job Sharing in Senior Roles, Barriers to modern working practices, Pressures, Promotions, Pay-rises & Parity: confidence and progression in the workplace.

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Women and men experience budget decision in different ways since they are unlikely to be in identical employment or domestic situations.

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Legislation must benefit every member of society, and must not unfairly disadvantage any group, it’s important that it is subject to robust scrutiny.

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Women are at greater risk of falling into poverty than men. Taking action to raise women’s incomes and increasing their engagement with the labour market.

Our progress and development

We focus on twelve different policy areas. As well as those featured above, we're currently working on briefings and consultation responses to the following:


The UKs exit from the European Union is one of the most significant legislative exercises in recent history. As negotiations continue there remains uncertainty around our future relationship with the EU.

Brexit discussions in Wales have largely focused on the potential constitutional implications of the EU Withdrawal Bill and the impact of Brexit on agriculture and trade. While these are important issues, it’s also crucial that the gender implications are fully considered to ensure that women do not pay a higher price for Brexit. .

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Women face a range of gender specific barriers such as lack of finance, lack of childcare and lack of confidence. Women and men also tend to set up business for different reasons.

Our briefings and consultation responses for — Enterprise — to follow soon.

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Women encounter inequality in many areas which only intensifies if they are also part of another protected group.

Our briefings and consultation responses for — Equality — to follow soon.

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Women and men engage with and experience the economy differently. A key difference is the benefit gained through infrastructure investment.

Our briefings and consultation responses for — EconomyRecent Briefing Paper.

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Poor transport links, particularly in rural areas can have a negative impact on a woman’s ability to access public services and the workplace.

Our briefings and consultation responses for — Transport — to follow soon.

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