Decision making

Women remain dramatically under-represented in positions that influence our culture and institutions.

Reportage photograph. Interior. An audience's Point of View perspective looking towards a panel of speakers. Each member of the audience hold up their hand as a gesture of voting. Parliament Week 2014, London.

Being heard in decision making

Current schemes are making headway but work still needs to be done to ensure that the voices of all members of society are being heard in decision making.

Women remain dramatically under-represented in positions that influence our culture and institutions.

Articles, Consultation and Briefings related to Decision Making.


Women Represented: The case for quotas

July 2017

In this Briefing Paper, we make the case for using statutory quotas to increase the number of women in politics in Wales and the UK.


UK Parliament Women and Equalities Committee Inquiry – Women in the Commons

September 2016

In this response we set out views on how the representation of women in the House of Commons can be increased including the use of quotas alongside work to build the pipeline of potential female candidates and address structural and cultural issues within political institutions.


Response to the Women and Equalities Committee’s inquiry.

March 2016

Women and Equalities Committee inquiry into Women in Executive Management.

Our response to the House of Commons’ Women and Equalities Committee’s inquiry into the position of Women in Executive Management.


Response to Welsh Government Call for Evidence.

November 2015

Welsh Government Call for Evidence – Increasing the representation of women and other under-represented groups on Public Sector Boards.

Our response to the Welsh Government’s consultation on how to increase the representation of women on Public Sector Boards.


All Women Shortlist.

July 2014

Women continue to be significantly under-represented in politics at all levels. This is a known issue but progress to redress this is simply not happening quickly enough.


Time to Shine: How to give evidence to an
Assembly committee. 5 Parts.

April 2014

As a whole, there tend to be more men than women giving evidence to committee inquiries in the National Assembly for Wales. Between July 2011 and March 2014, there were some 369 witness appearances before the Enterprise and Business Committee.

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