General Election 2015

What does the election result mean for women in Wales?

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Did you have your say!

On the 7th May Britain went to the polls and we now have a majority Conservative Government in power in Westminster, taking over from the previous Coalition Government of the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.

For women in Wales

While many policy areas are devolved to Wales a number of key areas remain within control of the UK Government such as wages, tax and welfare. So what does this change in Government in London mean for women in Wales?
The Conservative manifesto contained many policies which would likely affect women here, some in a positive way while others may be cause for concern. For example, plans to raise the personal income tax threshold to £12,500 a year and to increase the National Minimum Wage ( NMW ) will benefit those in low income jobs, the majority of whom are women.

The Conservative manifesto also included pledges to continue work to:

  • Increase the number of women on boards of FTSE companies and to remove the barriers women face when accessing the workplace.
  • On the other hand, the manifesto included a number of further cuts to welfare spending, which to date have affected women more than men, and also a commitment to delivering Universal Credit, which in its present form could inadvertently create additional barriers to the workplace for women.
  • Over the coming 5 years Chwarae Teg will continue to monitor the work of both the Welsh and UK Governments and seek to influence policies and legislation to build a Wales where women achieve and prosper.

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