Always ambitious and wide-reaching, our projects have shaped the culture of women's economic development in Wales. Chwarae Teg has developed and delivered many projects since its foundation in 1992, motivating thousands of people from all walks of life to reach their full potential.

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Photograph. Exterior. Photograph. Outside. Woman inspecting land with infrared reflector used for distance measurement.

Ready Set Go

To encourage more women into non-traditional training and work opportunities especially science, engineering and technology through short taster courses and personal development sessions.

Photograph. Exterior. Chwarae Teg colleagues displaying our Prowess Flagship Award. Presented before the Cutty Sark British clipper ship, Greenwich – London, 2005.

Women’s Enterprise Wales

Worked with 2,500 women and lone parents provided workshops, counselling sessions, networking opportunities to enable them to take the first steps towards starting their own business.

Reportage photograph. Interior. Two women seated next to one another and in discussion.

Cytgord ( Harmony )

A collaborative approach to addressing the gender pay gap in Wales. An event was held in Cardiff in 2005, which launched the beginning of the trans-national activities with European partners.

Photograph. Interior. Woman in discussion at a Chwarae Teg event.

European Equality Partnership

Chwarae Teg managed this partnership of equality experts, with funding support from the Welsh Assembly Government/ERDF from 1997 to 2005. The partnership promoted good equality practice.

Press photograph. Exterior. Three Chwarae Teg colleagues.

SME Equality Project

We managed and delivered this project from 1999 – 2004, working with businesses throughout Wales to promote the business benefits of equal opportunities. Developing productive workforces.

Reportage photograph. Interior. Chwarae Teg colleague presenting a story to school children.

Out of School Childcare

So was the success of the initiative that the Out of Schools Childcare Clubs established itself as an independent organisation at the end of 2001 and was re-named Clybiau Plant Cymru.

Chwarae Teg Agile Nation project — Research

Strengthening our understanding and sharing our knowledge.

Research has been undertaken to further support the work of the project and to identify gaps in knowledge which may be resulting in barriers to women’s economic progression in Wales.

All research aims to support women’s progression in the workplace, support employers and learning providers to promote non-traditional career paths to women.

Furthermore, our research forms part of our work with educators to tackle gender stereotyping in work-based learning.

To learn more about Agile Nation’s research, visit our Agile Nation Legacy website,