Agile Nation project

2008 - March 2015, Building a Brighter Wales. Our flagship project which promotes equality and diversity and provides training and guidance for women and businesses in Wales. The project will support productivity and progression in employment by utilising modern workforce practices and promoting flexible working.

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Photograph. Derek Vaughan MEP, Chwarae Teg’s Chief Executive – Joy kent, presenting an ILM Award to an Agile Nation project Ascent Participant at an awards ceremony in South Wales, October 2013.

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Agile Nation project #1!

Our journey with Agile Nation is coming to an end, with the project closing in March 2015. The project has been exceptional in directly helping over 2,900 women, 500 businesses and 55 schools.



But numbers alone don’t tell the full story. Over the coming months we’ll be sharing a series of success stories that show the positive impact and lasting legacy of Agile Nation.

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Launched in 2009, completed in March 2015.

The Agile Nation Project is a Welsh Government and European Social funded project that promotes equality and diversity and provides training and guidance for women and business in Wales.

We have achieved this through the use of our programmes: Ascent for women, Evolve for businesses, Fair Foundations for Educators and our Exemplar Employer scheme.


Positive Impacts

Everything that’s been achieved since 2009, congratulations everyone.

105,552 contact hours with participants!

Provided tailored 1to1 support, advice and guidance.

2,921 Women have been trained

Gaining a recognised Institute of Leadership and Management qualification.

349 Women progressed to more senior roles

£400,000 more into women’s pockets from taking up new jobs.

504 Businesses supported

Diversity & Modern Working Practices. Over half of these from the Private Sector.

Making Remote Working Work

111 Businesses supported. We provided practical support with setting-up the technology needed for adopting remote working.

67 Exemplar Employers Awards

These businesses have demonstrated a clear commitment to flexible working practices.

Gender awareness training

Agile Nation worked with 54 Educators to help them better understand gender issues at every stage of education.

4 major pieces of research

Supported the work of the project and highlighted various barriers to women’s economic progression in Wales.
Interested in learning more about our Research? Visit Agile Nation Research.

The project

Served women, employers and educators.



2,921 women took advantage of the — Ascent programme —. Employees attended training courses that were designed to develop their skills for progressing in the workplace. In the long term this will provide the 2,921 women with more confidence to progress in their careers, and in the workplace.


Helping businesses to Evolve

The Agile Nation project has helped businesses through its — Evolve programme — which began with a workshop to introduce businesses to the benefits of workplace diversity, and it also highlighted the commercial benefits that can be enjoyed when modern working practices such as flexible working and work life balance are adopted.


For Educators

Agile Nation worked to help educators better understand gender issues at every stage of education. We worked in partnership with a wide range of education providers, from the very earliest years, through secondary education, on to Further Education and Higher Education and into work-based learning.

At every stage of education, gender can affect the way learners engage and achieve. We helped education professionals understand the reasons why gender matters and shared examples of evidence-based best practice to help them make gender fairness a reality in their place of learning.