Chwarae Teg managed CYTGORD, a partnership project with Bangor University, the Equal Opportunities Commission and Wales TUC. The aim of the project, funded under the EQUAL programme, was to research the Gender Pay Gap in Wales.

Photograph. Two Agile Nation project participants discussing career development and Team Leading.

Bridging the gap together

A collaborative approach to addressing the gender pay gap in Wales.

An event was held in Cardiff in 2005, which launched the beginning of the trans-national activities with European partners from Finland, Spain and Austria.

Following 18 months of research the project culminated in the production of a handbook and CD ROM — Bridging the Gap Together — aimed at employers, training providers, educators, organisations and individuals to broaden their understanding of the gender pay gap in Wales.

It also demonstrated the good practice already being undertaken, the innovative approaches outside of Wales proving to be a success and also offers some practical guidance to those who can make a difference.


Available as PDF.

Download: Bridging the Gap Together ( 2005 )