Fair Foundations

An evidence-based programme. Our advisors help schools develop a better understanding of gender issues in primary education through a programme of free training, advice and action planning.

Photograph. Exterior. Group of school children handling building materials.

A gender-awareness programme

Helping educators understand gender from a child development perspective.

Fair Foundations is funded by the European Social Fund and the Welsh Government, and the programme is managed and delivered through Chwarae Teg’s Agile Nation project.

Research has identified that the years marked by the Foundation Phase are central to the construction of a child’s gender identity, which can impact upon the choices they make throughout their life. *[1]


Why do schools take part?

Watch the video on YouTube, highlighting how two schools have benefited from this project: Life Through A Gender Lens.

Schools taking part in Fair Foundations usually recognise that sometimes boys and girls don’t have the same experience or outcomes from attending their school.

They may want to reduce stereotypical curriculum preferences, or identify factors leading to one group performing less well than another.

Fair Foundations helps educators understand gender from a child development perspective and explores the contemporary debates about gender stereotyping, educational attainment and equality issues in the classroom.

This project helps teachers & educators understand how gender can affect children’s attainment in literacy and numeracy, and how gender stereotypes can compound the impact of poverty on educational attainment.


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[1] Susan Golombok et al, ‘Continuity in Sex-Typed Behaviour from Pre-school to Adolescence: A Longitudinal Population Study of Boys and Girls Aged 3-13 Years’, Archives of Sexual Behaviour, Vol. 41, No. 3 ( June, 2012 ), pp. 591-597.