Sharing experiences, best practice and research with overseas partners has always been a priority area for Chwarae Teg and its projects.

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We value the diversity and experiences that transnational partnerships bring.

We’ve found them invaluable in extending awareness beyond Wales, of the work that we do to help women achieve and prosper.

During its lifetime, Chwarae Teg has built successful partnerships with many organisations overseas in addition to attending a variety of overseas events; a lot has been learned from these experiences.

There are many reasons for wanting to work transnationally, at Chwarae Teg, our aims are:

  • to raise awareness of the work of Chwarae Teg and share expertise.
  • to participate in European networks, thus transferring knowledge and celebrating achievement.
  • to attend and/or host multi-national, collaborative events; launch research findings and to promote the excellent and progressive work that has already been carried out in Wales.
  • to host and participate in study visits in order to share best practice and methodology.
  • to promote reciprocal learning from other EU Member States.

We’ve been doing it for years! Here are some of the countries we have worked with:

  • Austria – Work Life Balance and Employment legislation.
  • Sweden – Female Entrepreneurship.
  • Finland/Lapland – Promoting Gender Equality in Employment through research.
  • Spain – Work Life Balance, Employment legislation and female entrepreneurship.
  • Ireland – SME Equality and Diversity project.
  • Ireland – Gender & Agriculture Germany.
  • Portugal – Female Entrepreneurship.
  • Spain – Delegate, World Congress of Rural Women.
  • Catalonia – Mas Carandell – partner Agile Nation.
  • Denmark – Sprogcenter Nordsjælland – partner Agile Nation.
  • Czech Republic – Grafia – partner Agile Nation.
  • Belgium – JUMP – partner Agile Nation.

Check out our Transnational Toolkit


Transnational | Events Attended & Hosted | Our Current Partnerships


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