‘Any businesses that are not working in a modern way are not going to be maximising business benefits.’

Chwarae Teg’s report into modern working practices in Wales presents a comprehensive picture of perceptions of modern, flexible, agile working practices by businesses.  It introduces potential action areas to overcome challenges and effectively change the way we organise our work and workplaces.

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Roadmap to Modern Working Practices


Flexibility allows people to work at times which are more productive for them …while businesses benefit from the increased productivity and quality of work produced.

Our handy guide can steer your business in the right direction to maximse the benefits of modern working practices.

Open Roadmap

Learning from experience: Making modern working practices a reality in large businesses

Organisations need to be sure of the business case for modern working practices

What are the benefits of Modern Working Practices for larger organisations and how do you implement them?

We’ve outlined the 5 key things you’ll need in place to get started

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Smaller Businesses Can Benefit From Modern Working Practices Too!

‘Businesses will adopt modern working practices if there is a strong business case, to remain competitive’

We’ve set out 5 steps that will support your business to enjoy the benefits of modern working practices

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