A Woman’s Place in Academia: Moving Forward

Our recent report — A Woman’s Place in Academia — demonstrates that while progress is being made women continue to be under-represented within the highest positions in Higher and Further Education in Wales.

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Gender balance is good for business

It allows institutions to benefit from a wider range of knowledge and experience and brings a different perspective to the table.

The work we undertake also fully supports the economic need in Wales to make full use of women’s skills.

Our report provides a benchmark. It’s a starting point from which we can work to bring about change within Higher Education (HE) and Further Education ( FE ).

There is plenty that can be done by institutions, by organisations like Chwarae Teg and by individuals to change this picture and ensure that a woman’s place in academia equals that of men.

We launched our report in Swansea on the 10th September (2014) with 45 delegates from across the HE and FE sector.

We asked our guests to think about what institutions, organisations and individuals could do to help bring about change. This report is based on those responses and sets out potential next steps to help redress the balance.


Available as PDF.

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