Chelbie Jones reports further career success since winning the ‘Rising Star’ Award at Womenspire 2017…


Chelbie Jones, Trainee Site Manager at Bouygues UK


chelbie-jones_assets-2What did it feel like to win?

To win the Rising Star award was such an overwhelming feeling, I felt like I was working towards something, reaching my goals! I couldn’t believe how much of an impact it had on myself. I was honoured to have been picked to win the Rising Star award. I thought to myself I must be doing something right? Before winning this award I didn’t think I would be good or have the potential to be good at the job role I’m wanting to reach, however I have more confidence than ever to achieve my goals.

What has happened since the awards?

I  now have so much more responsibilities! Before winning the award, the tasks I did daily were health and safety inspection. Now I’m part of the snagging team which involves making sure parts of the project is up img_0767to a good standard and to ensure it’s ready to handover to the client. Also I have my own little project which involves building a bat shed, I’m planning labour, programme of works, method statements, tool box talks, getting involved in making sure we have all the licences being as it’s a bat mitigation shed. I also felt my fellow colleagues have confidence in me to achieve the tasks I’ve been set, Which always helps. Tochelbie-jones_assets-3 summarise the development since winning this award has changed massively.

 What did you think of the Womenspire Awards event?

It was an inspirational event really good ceremony, the entertainment was excellent! And the stories of all the finalist was so inspirational!! To see woman working hard and wanting to achieve the best they can possibly do!! Makes me want to make sure I can be a person to inspire other woman to come into the construction industry! 

 What would you say to someone who is thinking of nominating a woman they know?

I would say definitely nominate them, winning these awards gives women the confidence they need to shine and become so much more. 


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