Sky’s Her Limit officially launched on 30th November at Welshpool High School, working with 211 girls throughout the day to deliver an interactive programme of science based events for girls, inspiring the next generation of female scientists.

During the day we were joined by 3 fantastic women from the world of science:

Alice Gray, Science and Equality Blogger

Alice Gray is a science and equality blogger, her passions are getting people talking about science and encouraging more women into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Alice is a neuroscience graduate from Cardiff University, who since graduating has been committed to the cause of improving the representation of women in science and scientific engagement. Alice runs the Mind-ful blog

Laura Roberts, Technocamps, Swansea University

Laura Roberts studied for a Physics and Medical Physics Degree at Cardiff University (1999-2002), before training as a secondary science teacher at Bristol University (2002-2003).

After teaching for two years, Laura moved into Widening Access and STEM Outreach with First Campus and Hands on Science, developing and delivering events and workshops to inspire young people to go on to study STEM subjects at University. In 2012 Laura became the regional coordinator for East Wales of Technocamps, and continues to work for the project, which aims to raise the profile of Computer Science, Computing and Programming to young people across Wales, to encourrage more young people to study Computer Science at school and University.

Carys Huntly, Aberystwyth University

Carys is currently studying for her PhD at Aberystwyth University within the group working on camera systems for the next European Space Agency mission to Mars, ExoMars 2020. In school that Carys became fascinated by space and in particular missions to nearby planets. It was this fascination that led to her studying Physics with Planetary and Space Physics at Aberystwyth University, attracted by the opportunity to take part in planetary research whilst being able to stay in Wales.

Throughout the day the following activities took place:

Planetarium exploring the night sky with Dark Sky Wales

Dark Sky Wales’ digital Planetarium is an immersive experience where the wonders of the universe come to life. Explore the mythology of the heavens before delving deep into our astrophysical understanding of the universe around us.

Solar observing with Dark Sky Wales

The Solar System is dominated by our nearest stellar neighbour, The Sun! This titanic object is the driver for all life on our planet and is the nearest star that we can observe. Using astronomical telescopes and dedicated solar telescopes pupils were able to observe this behemoth in action, and learnt about everything from solar flares an prominences to sunspots and granulation.

Land a Rover of Mars with Carys Huntly, Aberyswyth University

Do you want to look for life on Mars? Select a rover design, find the best place on Mars to land and go exploring!
Pupils had the chance to plan an exploratory mission of Mars using a rover.

Binary with Laura Roberts, Technocamps, Swansea University

How do computers talk to each other?
Computers use Machine Code, or Binary, to communicate; a long series of 0s and 1s, but how can this be translated into words, numbers and pictures?
In this session pupils learnt how binary can be used to communicate all of the information we send through the internet.

‘The world of science communication and journalism’ with Alice Gray, Science and Equality Blogger

Alice Gray will explored the world of science communication and journalism. From laughing mice to curious brain conditions – how can we open up the mysterious world of science to everyone?

Gender Stereotyping and careers within STEM with Emma Tamplin, Chwarae Teg

Exploring why we stereotype, how this can inform our career choices and discovering exciting careers available within STEM based industries.

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If you would like to discuss your school hosting or attending one of these events please contact:

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